Hygienic & sanitary 3-A control components & detectable Ty-Raps

Hygiene is of great importance within various food and non-food sectors, therefore making increasing demands on man and machine. Regarding the machines, Verpas B.V. can deliver you various articles which improve and ensure hygiene and related safety. Hereby an overview of these articles:

Detectable Ty-Raps

Detectable Ty-Raps

Ty-Rap cable ties made in a bright blue colour and which are detectable by metal detectors, X-ray equipment and visual detection systems. Ideal to prevent potential contaminating you product. That is why these detectable cable ties are particularly well suited for the food processing and pharmaceutical industry.

Typical applications:

  • Food and beverage processing
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Chemical and compounds manufacturing
  • Tobacco processing
  • Tire and airbag manufacturing
  • Any other industry sensitive to contamination using detection equipment

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3-A Hygiene - Stainless steel control elements

Domed cap nuts of stainless steel with gasket seal - USDA & 3A approved
Stainless steel star knob with gasket seal - USDA & 3A approved
Stainless steel handle bar with gasket seal - USDA & 3A approved

Hygiene is of increasingly importance within the food- and pharmaceutical industry. Therefor the demanding 3-A certification is becoming increasingly widespread within the machinery sector and construction of installations.

Verpas B.V. can supply you with various control parts, levelling feet and domed cap nuts that are 3-A certified.


  • Standard available in Stainless steel A2 (Aisi 304)
  • Equipped with blue silicone gaskets

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