6 Edge and corner protection profiles

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Plastic profiles come in many shapes and sizes and are often used as edge protection and finishing for corners, pipe profiles and sheet metal edges. Basically, there are two types of profiles, namely hard plastic profiles or flexible plastic/rubber trims and profiles.

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Flexible self-clamping edge protection trims

Surely one of the best-known finishing profiles is the flexible edge trim. These U-shaped trims are usually self-clamping and made of rubber-like soft PVC (polyvinyl chloride) with a metal clamping band insert. Besides PVC, EPDM rubber is also available. Self-clamping edge profiles are known by various names, such as Edge guard or self-grip edge trim profile.

These flexible edge trims are often used to finish, protect and also visually embellish sharp edges and borders in sheet metal. Due to the self-locking metal insert in the edge trim, it can be easily pressed on and no glue or additional fixing is required. Edge trim is available for various sheet thicknesses.

Self-clamping edge trims are widely used in machine and bodywork construction. For example, to cover and protect spot-welded seams of assembled sheet metal or edges of set sheet metal.

Rigid plastic profiles

Rigid plastic profiles are available in different profile shapes. Our range includes C-shaped and U-shaped profiles in various sizes. They are shaped so that they can be clamped over a round or square or rectangular tube.

The rigid PVC plastic of these profiles is wear-resistant and therefore suitable as a protective layer. Practically speaking, these rigid plastic profiles are used as wear parts on footrests of bar stools and steps, luggage racks, among others, but other applications are also conceivable.

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