Felt solutions for furniture on delicate floors

Protection, anti-scratching and noise reductant, these are typical characteristics for felt pads. Would you like to read more concerning the applicability of felt? Read more

Self adhesive felt pads in different sizes and shapes

Self-adhesive felt pads, also called furniture pads, are available in pre cut shapes, like square, rectangular and round. Besides pre-cut shaped felt the assortment also includes large felt strips that are suitable to stick on larger surfaces or to cut out odd shapes. The self-adhesive backing is of professional quality.

Felt glides with nail or screw

For furniture that is moved around a lot a screw on or nail on felt glide is a more durable solution then self-adhesive felt pads. Due to frequent shoving and the heat that is developed in that process, due to pressure and movement, self-adhesive felt pads can be dislocated from their original position and can even come off in time. This problem doesn’t exist with felt glides, because these glides are screwed or nailed onto the furniture. Felt glides, also called furniture & chair glides, are mainly fitted onto wooden furniture, particularly onto chair feet.

Saddle glides for tubular furniture frames

For wire frames or tubular furniture frames different versions of felt padded saddle glides, also called saddle feet, are available. Regarding square/rectangular tube, flat metal strip or metal sheet frames then gliding plates with welded on felt padding apply. Whether it's about school furniture or dining chairs, mass production or design, small or large tube sizes, a solutions often is at hand.

Felt padded insert glides or ferrules

For furniture with vertical or angled furniture feet, like chairs, diverse versions of felt padded inserts and ferrules (chair tips) are available. These fit round, square, rectangular and even flat-oval furniture legs.

Height adjustable feet with felt

Adjustable feet with welded on felt pad are available with tiltable of fixed base. The tilting version is sometimes applied on angled chairlegs as chairglides. The tilting foot is suitable for a maximal angle of 30°. In general adjustable feet with welded on felt are available with M6, M8 and M10 threaded stems.

Felt protects, dampens noise and prevents scratching

Felt is an ideal floor glide which is applicable for even and smooth flooring, like parquet, laminate, linoleum, flat tiles, honed or polished stone, vinyl, cork, epoxy screed or PVC* floors. There are only few flooring surfaces where felt isn't suitable. Normally rough floors don't go well together with felt glides, for example carpet, concrete, rough stone, tile floors with large or deep joints, resin bonded floors etc. Felt will wear and degrade fast or simply won't glide. Also earlier mentioned PVC flooring doesn't always tollerate felt and in those situations Teflon glides are preferred.

Felt for furniture is available in different versions, for example pre cut pads, strips, screw or nail on glides, tube inserts or ferrules, saddle glides etc. In conclusion, the choise is wide.

Tips for floor and felt

The life span of felt pads depends on the floor surface on which it's used and the intensity of use. But there are a few tips which can positivly influence the lifecycle of felt and flooring. 

  • Choose the correct felt size: Preferably choose a felt pad or glide which is as large as the furniture foot or at least as large as possible. If felt pads are chosen to small, then that can lead to excessive pressure which facilitates wear
  • Clean floor surfaces: Dirt can pile up in felt. Which leads to felt behaving like sandpaper due to, for example, sand grains and. As a result leaving undesirable scratches and marring on flooring
  • Mind while mopping: Keep felt away from water and moisture. Over time the felt will harden quicker if subjected to moisture, therewith loosing it's ability to prevent floor damage and also wear is accelerated 
  • Regular inspection: Regarding previous mentiond tips and the fact that felt hardens over time, inspection is required. In case of regular home use 1 or 2 inspections per year will suffice. However wear can vary per situation, thus influencing inspection intervalls.

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